What Others Are Saying

"In this crazy world people are looking for courage as well as consistency. We need leaders with character as well as prophetic anointing. David Cannistraci has both, and that is why I look to him as a role model. He has a keen understanding of how the church can become more relevant so that we can make maximum impact on our culture."

J. Lee Grady

Author, former Editor of Charisma Magazine, Founder of The Mordecai Project

“David Cannistraci, a key figure in the [new apostolic] movement, is a person of giftedness, wisdom and experience beyond his years.  He is one of those rare people who is seen simultaneously as a scholar and practitioner…”

The Late Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Author, Missiologist, Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute and Vice President of Global Spheres

“David Cannistraci is gifted by God’s grace to be among the foremost Christian thinkers leading us into the future.  Most importantly, he lives what he teaches.  As the pastor of one of America’s great churches, he is in a position to implement his ideas and to prove them.”

John Dawson

International President of Youth With A Mission