The Three Questions of Christmas

A special Christmas message from David Cannistraci


Questions are a part of life.  All parents know that children LOVE to ask questions.  WHY seems to be their favorite question: Why do I have to? Why can’t I stay up? Why can’t I go?  And every exhausted parent inevitably will at some point in their life say what they are not supposed to say: ”Because I SAID so!”


There are seasonal questions many ask:  What will I get for Christmas?’ Will my bonus be larger than last year? Then there are the more serious questions: Will my medical results come out all right? Should I propose to her or wait a little longer?  What does the New Year hold for me?


God has an answer for the question in your heart today.


In the Gospels, I came across three questions asked in the Christmas story by different people, and saw how beautifully God revealed His answers to them. One of these questions was asked before the birth of Jesus, one directly involved His birth and one was asked after His birth. The first question was:


1 - HOW CAN I BE SURE? (Luke 1:18)


In the Luke 1 we read about a godly couple; Elizabeth and her priestly husband Zechariah. They were too old to hope for a child but they desperately wanted one. Over the years I’ve prayed for couples with no children and you can just see their hope and their hurt.  I’ve also seen incredible miracles in our church on this!  Without a doubt Elizabeth and Zechariah went through this kind of pain as they prayed over this personal issue. 


But one day when Zechariah was lighting the incense in the temple, to his amazement, the angel Gabriel turned up with an astounding message that God would bless them with a baby in their old age! 


(This is a part of the Christmas story because this child, born about the same time as his cousin Jesus, would become John the Baptist who would prepare the way of the Lord and tell everyone who Jesus was.)


Sadly, in a response of unbelief, Zechariah asked the question “How can I be sure of this?” and ended up losing his voice for a season. In the end, God was true to His Word, Zechariah believed and got his miracle.  His voice returned and Zechariah and Elizabeth became parents.  God is faithful!


I’m wrestling with this very question about a ministry situation in another city.  Is it God’s will?


This Christmas, let’s begin to say, I believe what God said is true!


The end of the year is close by and maybe it’s not been a great year for you. You may think it’s too late for your dreams to be fulfilled. But hold on, you can be sure that God will fulfill His plan in your life. Don’t allow unbelief to say, How can I be sure? God can miraculously reveal Himself and change your situation in a day!


The second question in the Christmas story is,


2 - HOW WILL THIS BE? (Luke 1:34)


This question was asked by Mary when the angel Gabriel came to her with an astounding message. Though still a virgin, she was to give birth to the Son of God whose name would be called Jesus. Mary asked, “How will this be?” 


I see this as more a question of surpise than of unbelief.  She was trying to grapple with how something that had never happened before could actually take place. The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you…For nothing is impossible with God.”


This Christmas, let’s all believe: Nothing is impossible with God!


After accepting the angel’s message with childlike faith, Mary said in verse 38, I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.  When God gives you a promise or prophetic word, be confident that He will fulfill it, in His time. We are always wise to pray, Let your will be done in my life according to what you have promised.


That brings us to the third and last question:


3 - HOW CAN I FIND THE KING? (Matthew 2:2)


The Wise Men who followed the Christmas star from the East asked WHERE IS THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN BORN KING OF THE JEWS? The corrupt King Herod was threatened by the birth of a new king and summoned them to ask the same question only for horrible reasons. They didn’t give him the answer. 


After they left Herod, the star led them to the King - the exact place where they could worship the baby Jesus and present precious gifts to Him. While the star was God’s gift to the Magi, the newborn King was God’s greatest gift to the world: So great that His birth split history into two divisions, BC and AD! 


33 years later, just before Jesus was crucified for our sins, Pilate asked Jesus: "So You are a king?" Jesus answered, "You say correctly that I am a king.  For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”


Today, people are still searching for a King. We all look for someone or something to protect us, guide us, provide for us and defeat our enemies as a king would do.  Jesus said, “Seek and ye shall find” but we must seek with a right heart.  Herod searched to assassinate the child, while the wise men sought to worship Him. The Lord spoke through Jeremiah, “You shall find me when you shall search for me with all of your heart…”


This Christmas, let’s all pray: Jesus, Be the King of my heart.


The same Jesus can rule in your heart and answer your every question if you are willing to invite Him in.  Let’s open our hearts to Christ and receive Him as our King.  Let’s thank God for fresh faith and deep certainty for a new year.  God bless you and may your dreams be fulfilled during Christmas and into 2017!