Pastor David Cannistraci


Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Would you like to have God show you great and mighty things you’ve never seen?  That’s vision.  

We need a vision larger than our will if we are going to be happy.  

If people can't see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”  Proverbs 29:18 (MSG) 


True vision is a revelation of God’s will, not ours.  It comes from God saying, "That is what I want to do; this is how I will do it."  As we follow that, we end up in His will and in the place of joy. 




1.  Pure Vision comes from the Holy Spirit


1 Cor. 2:10-12 [NLT] - But we know these things because God has revealed them to us by his Spirit, and his Spirit searches out everything and shows us even God's deep secrets…God has actually given us his Spirit (not the world's spirit) so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us.


The HS wants to show us the secrets of God’s heart through prophecy, dreams and visions in these last days (Acts 2:13) Be open to the Spirit.  Believe for revelation.


2.  Pure Vision comes from the Word of God


Psalm 119:105,133 (NKJV) - Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path…Direct my steps by Your word…

 Are you spending regular time seeking God and His vision for your life through the Scripture?  


3.  Pure Vision comes from fasting and prayer


Acts 13:2 (NIV) - While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them." 


Fast and pray a day a week. Get a vision personally!  Not just because I say it…hear God say it.


4.  Pure Vision comes from our spiritual leaders


Phil. 3:17 (NLT) - Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine, and learn from those who follow our example. 


Leaders are people with a God-given vision.  Don’t let someone who doesn’t have the vision speak into your life.  That’s like learning to play guitar from someone who has never played.




Habakkuk 2:1,2 (NKJV) – “I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart, and watch to see what He will say to me, and what I will answer when I am corrected. Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.”


Step 1 – Get Alone With God


  • Habakkuk said, "I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart..." He had to go to a quiet place, free from distractions.  He had to quiet his own ideas and emotions.


Psalm 46:10 (NIV) - “Be still, and know that I am God…”


Step 2 – Watch and Listen


  • Watching: If you expect God to show you something, you have to watch for it. If you fix your eyes on Jesus, you’ll get His vision. If you fix your gaze upon some desire of your heart, your intuitive flow will come out of that desire of your heart, and will not be pure.


  • Listening:  Habakkuk knew the sound of God's voice. Elijah described it as a still, small voice (I Kings 19:12). Most of the time, God's voice comes to us as impressions.


Step 3 – Write Down Your Thoughts


  • God told Habakkuk to write the vision down (Hab. 2:2). Learn to keep a journal. A journal is not a diary; it’s a recording of the lessons and insights God gives you. God told Moses to do this when Israel was in their wilderness: 


Numbers 33:2 (NLT) - “At the Lord's direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress.”  


Writing the vision helps you record the direction of God for your life so you can run!


But remember “it is for the appointed time.”  At first you may be the only one that sees the vision, but soon others will see it.  Some may criticize it, others may laugh.


I see a great vision ahead for us as a church.  I see it all coming together. There will be sacrifice and risk, but I see great things coming out of this house and touching a hurting world.


I challenge each of you that desire to see a fresh vision:


  • Set aside time this month to sit quietly alone with God, opening your ears and eyes.  Ask Him to show you great and mighty things.  God will answer you in a powerful way. 


  • Join with your leaders and friends in this community in a larger vision