How to Pray for Your Pastor

1. Remember your leaders each time you pray.  Add them to you “short list” of prayer points, along with your family members and other routine prayer requests.

2. If your church has prayer meetings, make it a practice to physically surround your spiritual leaders each time they are present for a few minutes of intensive prayer.  Ask the Lord to bless them and shield them from every spiritual attack.

3. If your church does not have a functional prayer shield in place over your spiritual leaders, seek permission to create one.  Gather likeminded prayer warriors, study good materials on the subject, and make it your mission to pray over your church or ministry leaders.  Remember to include other spiritual leaders in your region as well.

4. When you pray for leaders, be sensitive to the issues they commonly face and pray accordingly.  Come against the attacks of the enemy in the areas of distraction, temptation, discouragement, burnout and physical sickness.  Pray for an impartation of faith, focus, wisdom, leadership and fruitfulness to remain upon their lives.

5.  If you sense God may be showing you something for them, offer to share it with them.  Once you have their permission, be positive, brief, discreet and humble.  Then leave it in God’s hands.  You may be a greater source of encouragement than you realize as you continue to pray for your leaders.